Finally a lull

Finally I think things are slowing down for us! I think I just need to scrap September next year since we were so busy this past month! Call it a wash for anything productive and skip to October –

Thursday Rowan had Ride on St. Louis



I sat and enjoyed the view for a couple of hours while reading and making my herbal order list.

Friday we had homeschool co-op – dodgeball in process here –


Saturday both Jaia and Rowan were busy with Jaia feis – ing and Rowan riding in a Dressage show.

They both did fabulous with Jaia getting a few more 1sts, a second in her treble jig (she tried a little she said) and some 3rds. In January she will move up to Prizewinner in all of her dances and if she does well in those –  then she may or may not qualify to go to the huge Oireachtas next November.


Rowan placed second place in all 3 of her dressage tests she rode – (but wasn’t pleased because she was aiming for first). I, unfortunately, don’t have pictures because I had feis duty 🙂

Saturday we also enjoyed a sneak peek of our new Ikea opening her in St. Louis –



Sunday was feis #2 and Monday we went to a homeschool LARP class.


They’re there way in the back ground discussing the storyline for the afternoons skirmish.

She was reluctant at first but eventually joined the group and had a great time. I’m supposed to create a costume now per Jaia’s request. I’m afraid that this may start yet another thing I need to prepare for 🙂 Oh well – at least it’s fun!

There are no more crazy weekends on the horizon for a while and I was able to go to yoga twice this week! Which makes me super happy and my girls too – I’m so much more laid back when I can go on a regular basis.

Bright Blessings!

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