10 things

Today is starting out on a frustrating note. I have no printer ink, used up inadvertently by my 12 year old because she printed up 50 pages of fall scenes for something – I know not what.  No printer ink means no worksheets for Jaia until I can go buy more cartridges.

Rowan’s horse has an abscess in her foot – so that means daily trips to the barn to soak it which means no dance for Jaia and no grocery shopping while Jaia’s in dance.

Rowan’s dog is pooping AND peeing in my house.

And no yoga for me today because the 8:30 class is no longer on Friday – they offer a 10 and a 12:00 class but Jaia has her own class at 12:30 and the timing doesn’t work for me at all today.

SO – in order to combat my crabbiness about all that is going “wrong” – I’m going to remind myself of 10 things to be thankful FOR!

Ten things I am thankful for today :

Rowan’s horse ONLY has an abscess  – easy to deal with – just time consuming and irritating but it could be so much worse.

We have a horse.

Jaia is doing wonderfully with dance so it’s not so much a big deal that we miss.

Jaia is able to Irish Dance.

We have enough food in our house to make chicken soup for today!

It’s FALL!

I can stay home with my girls.

I have the means to go buy more ink cartridges

I have wonderful children who make me tea when I’m crabby

I have the ability and means to go to Yoga when I can

I have a fabulous husband who works hard and provides us with so many things!

Ahh – I feel so much better now 🙂

Bright Blessings –

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