Yay! My herbs came!

I ordered herbs about a week ago, to experiment with my own tincture making and they finally arrived!! They were waiting for me when I returned home Friday evening.


I am super excited to be trying tincture making this year! I love making salves, and elderberry syrup has been in my home remedy repertoire for a while now, so I feel like this is just another step in the home remedy direction. I’m hoping to ward off the sickies this winter by being prepared early!

I’ve choses to make elderflower, horehound, and elecampane root tinctures mainly because  according to the books and resources I’ve read   –

Elderflower is a good remedy for colds and flues.

Horehound is good for coughs and lung issues and

elecampane root is also for  coughs and bronchitis –

As you can see all of my choices were made with coughs in mind. When we get sick everything settles in our chests and we cough! Jaia especially  – So I want to try and eliviate that this winter.


I hit Rural King yesterday, our “local” farm store, for jars –


I think they have a pretty good selection 🙂 Today I’ll get those tinctures started!

Bright Blessings!

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