Tincture making

It was such a gorgeous night last night! I slept with the window open and 2 blankets on! It was divine! My absolute favorite time of year – fall!

My tinctures are “brewing”. Up in my cabinet, within easy reach for daily shaking, I have 4 bottles of experimental tinctures, waiting, brewing, stewing –

I am so excited about my foray into tincture making! I am hoping that these 3 I chose helps with our bouts of chest congestion and colds this winter.

It’s pretty easy  – tincture making. The most difficult part was actually choosing the herbs I wanted to use.  Once you DO choose your herbs,  buy jars (I’m using 8 ounce jars for my first time, and booze (locally brewed vodka) , the directions are pretty simple.


I actually sterilized my jars this time around. I wasn’t sure if I actually needed to and saw nothing in any of the books about this but I figured – better safe than sorry –


Label and date  your  jars so there is no confusion-


Fill half way with your choice of herbs –


Fill up to the top with the alcohol – leaving about 1/2 inch at the top for shaking  –


And there you have it!


In four to 6 weeks I’ll have 3 tinctures that I’ll then strain through cheese cloth and bottle up!

And I kid you not – last night I dreamt about salve making. OIY – maybe it’s time to delve into that once again!

Bright Blessings!

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