One laid back week

This has been one awesome, relaxing, laid back week. I need one of these every so often to recharge my batteries. Not a whole lot has been going on so not a whole lot to blog about 🙂

Monday we stayed home! Yay! A full day of school and laziness.  Wednesday –  Rowan’s 2 side walking children canceled their walks so Row didn’t have to go at all.

Rowan did cook dinner for us Wednesday night –


She’s becoming quite the cook!

Thursday we did  go to ROSL  but my husband was home so he picked up Jaia so I didn’t have to. Rowan and I went directly from her volunteer work to the barn so she could ride Pharma.

My reading for the afternoon   –


Herbal Antibiotics – fabulous read – It really reinforces my desire to learn more about herbs, tinctures and natural cures.  It explains why bacteria are so quick to become immune to antibiotics. It’s a bit frightening really.





Sights and sounds of Ride on St. Louis-


Rowan riding after about 2 1/2 weeks of Pharma being “off” because of an abscess.

Such a wonderful week.

Bright Blessings

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