Falling into routine and food cooked by my daughter

Each new school year it takes a a couple of weeks or months even, to fall into our routine. New things start up like volunteer time and dance classes, lessons are in swing and homeschool “school” begins as well, barn times and days have to change to account for weather and lessons and such.

We are finally settling into that Routine – Mondays and Wednesdays are our least busy days, while Tuesday and Thursdays keep me running.  Somedays are set in that routine – unchangeable, and other days are more fluid. I’ve figured out my days for yoga and they are becoming sacrosanct –

I’ve decided to accept both types of days, not stress on my running days, allow for some snacks to be purchased to break up the monotony and to go with the flow.

Rowan has been stepping up lately – helping to make dinner on those nights we are running to and from dance –


“Traditional” English breakfast – missing the sausages and toast.


Making sauce for pasta – Water boiling in the background –


Pan seared chicken thighs, couscous, tomatoes, and roasted mushrooms (her new favorite).

Rowan’s roasted mushrooms –

Crimini mushrooms, olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic to taste.

Cut the stems off the mushrooms. Toss in olive oil. salt, pepper and garlic.

Roast at 425* for 15 to 20 minutes.

Having my daughter enjoy cooking and be willing to take over some of the cooking chores is a gift and a huge relief to me.  She may never be allowed to move out if she keeps up this delicious cooking ! (And at least I won’t worry about her starving or existing solely on ramen noodles)

Bright Blessings

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