And a 30 Day Challenge

Happy November! I hope your Samhain/Halloween was safe, warm, dry and FUN! Jaia and I went out together in the rain!


She was an artist 🙂  We had loads of fun and she came back with a ton of candy!

A new month also means a new yoga schedule –   and the yoga studio I go to is having a 30 day challenge – yesterday was their one year yogiversary of being open as a yoga studio, so of course there’s a challenge to go along. For November if you can go at least 5 days a week, you are eligible for a 5 class punch card. – This particular challenge comes at the perfect time for me – Just last week I had decided that after Halloween I would do a 30 day challenge for myself. (I had to allow for some candy eating! Love those tootsie rolls!!)

I’ve decided to cut out all wheat products and sweets. Not necessarily “sugar” per say – since the only sugar I use personally is a teaspoon in my coffee.  I don’t drink soda and I only add sugar to my tea if it’s too strong. What I’m cutting out for November are those yummy cheesy sandwiches, sweets (and the sugar in them)  like donuts, scones, cookies etc… (my husband has a HUGE sweet tooth), unnecessary snacking, etc..

I am also planning on meditating again and crafting. I started buy buying that shelf I’ve been eyeing for months to organize my sewing area.  (likely excuse righ?)

Healthy eating and new recipes are on schedule too! I have some yummy, fun, new cookware to try out!

I can’t wait!

Anyone else up for a 30 day challenge with me? Form your own or do what I’m doing – daily exercise, mediation, and healthy eating cutting out sweets and grains!

Some misc pictures from the week:


American Girl cardboard craft day –


Doing “homework” at dinner one evening. Notice we are eating out.

She insisted.


Watch week at dance – I love watch week 🙂


Three beggars. Daisy, Winter and Pixel. Can you tell which is which?

Bright Blessings

One Comment

  1. Liz

    Yes yes yes! Me too. Making goals here. Eating healthy and trying new recipes for the holidays. I’m insisting in continuing my path of no wheat, dairy, and low carbs. So what does that leave me for my Thanksgiving dinner for those that don’t understand?? I’m planning to bring a few sides of my own new favorites. And bringing some sweets along with me that I know I can eat….my plan of attack for the holiday eating fest! Cookbooks are all over the place!


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