Carving my space

We moved into our house abut 8 years ago.  It’s taken me this long to begin the painting/fixing up process. Part of it was funds but part of it was most definitely the fact that THIS house was not the one I wanted. This house was the one I settled for.  It shows and I feel bad for that. But I’ve come to accept, if not like,  this house. It houses us, warms us, cools us and provides us with outdoor greenery. I’m learning to appreciate it and  fix it up bit by bit.  The kitchen walls were first, I painted them a few years ago. Hopefully a new kitchen will actually happen soon 🙂

The bedrooms and living room were next to get coats of paint. Paint is the cheapest and fastest way to improve a look. I have some furniture eyed at several different stores for the living room.  After 2 kids, 3 dogs, guinea pigs and rats, it’s definitely showing its wear!

The girls bedrooms are part way done. As is my husbands office. They are in a holding pattern until they do certain things in their rooms  – like clean them so I can move furniture and such. They seem to be content with half painted walls though  –

Yesterday  – yesterday though – I started to reclaim my sewing area. I purchased a shelf from Ikea and lugged it to the basement in pieces.


THIS was my sewing corner.  Unorganized, messy, dark and a totally unwelcoming place to sew.


I had a puppy helping me build.




This is what it looked like after I put together the shelf. I tossed some stuff and rearranged some shelving –


This is what it looks like now –  It’s still a work in progress but it’s on its way! I’m super excited to have a sewing area again. There are so many things I’d like to create but I just hated being down in that dungeon.  It still needs a light but yay! that’s another trip to Ikea!

The wire shelf holds all sorts, fabrics, craft supplies, herbal supplies  –  someday I’ll replace the metal shelf with one or two more white shelves but it works for now.

I’m carving out my space. Another step in my growth process as someone OTHER than a mom. I’m also hoping for  a “yoga” studio 🙂

Jaia is super happy too! I had 2 sewing tables – I gave her one and she’s making a desk, school, learning area.


Needs light here too.

I’m happy(er) with this space now.

Do you have a space?

Bright Blessings!

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