Taking Care

Here’s a nice little article to remind us to take care of ourselves this winter season –


Some things I’d like to add though – vitamins – take them. They’ll help keep that immune system strengthened so nasties don’t work their way in. (something I don’t always remember to do).

If you can’t go for a walk outside because of the weather, and we’ve had a weeks worth of wet here, then find a yoga video, exercise video, or  stretching video that you like and do that at home if you can. I find that LEAVING the house is what I need though. My yoga classes have been lifesaving.

Hobbies are nice – Find something that you can sit and do that will bring peace and calm to your person. It could be knitting, crocheting, tatting, sewing, puzzle making – ANYTHING that will be a quiet, sitting hobby.

It really is okay to say NO to your kids. Especially when it’s the 500th time they want to go somewhere and do something. It’s okay to say – momma needs to not drive, not go anywhere. Really it is. I’m learning that too.

Just my two cents –

Stay warm if it’s cold, wet or snowy in your neck of the woods!

Bright Blessings.

OH – did you know yesterday – November 17 – was world prematurity day? My preemie was born 12 years ago (13 in April!) weighing 1 lb 15 oz.


She came out full of sass and it’s never left!


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