Back on track

So this week has gone by in a blur. My laptop has been on the fritz and has just come back from the majick repair shop and my dishwasher has stopped working once again – (Kenmore – you suck!)  – just in time for thanksgiving dinner.

It’s been a busy week with some catching up to do! Jaia is taking her turn making dinner this week –


Quesadillas with chorizo beans and homemade quacamole –


Rowan has decided she wanted to make dinner this year – just for the 4 of us. So we are forgoing the family meals for a superb dinner made by my 17 year old. 17!!!  We reserved our happy turkey from our fabulous meat market and picked it up yesterday. It’s salted and waiting in the fridge.


It’s cut up – if you can see in the picture – She has a recipe she wants to try, but the turkey had to be in 8 pieces. We’re digging out the backbone to make broth here.

And her first attempt at cheesecake is in the oven as we speak.


I’m off now to check on the progress of desert baking!

Bright Blessings!

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