Not Enough

Today I’m feeling that I’m not “enough”. What enough is though – I’m not sure. I don’t feel like a good enough friend, or maybe I try too hard and then get hurt when that is not reciprocated?

I’m feeling not enough of a homemaker, mom,  yogi, wife, budget keeper, cleaner, cook, homeschooler mom,  enough  ME  – you name it. I’m not enough.

Pulling myself out of this non-enoughness is proving to be difficult, although I know that this feeling is just reactionary – just a feeling that I’m allowing in return to what I perceive is being said about me, to me or at me or because of how people are reacting  – themselves – to me.  It’s an odd feeling.  And recognizing that is even odder still for me.

I do know there are things I can change, that I need to change,   in order to be better, more accomplished, more put together for somethings. I’m working on that.

It’s a slow road.  I need to do it for Me –


A treat for me last night as I kicked the girls out of the living room for quiet time  –

I’m sure this just a temporary feeling, even though the work I need to do is real, brought on by crabby PMSing teens, tiredness, and so many, many projects that need to be done in this home, a sense of being overwhelmed.

Tomorrow – Tomorrow will be a better day.

Bright Blessings


One Comment

  1. Liz

    Lots of hearts and love to you Sarah! It’s a season. I’m feeling the same way. I just keep moving and keep doing what makes me feel good. Love ya sister!!! ❤


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