Have you tried?

Have you tried this yet?


Tossing a partially used up bag of spinach into the freezer? A friend turned me on to this – simply toss the bag into the freezer when it’s on it’s way out and you don’t need it anytime soon – And then you’ll have it for smoothies and soups and pizzas and what not-

Simply crunch it up –


And toss it into what ever you are cooking. Last night for dinner I made a huge pot of spaghetti and meat sauce (gluten free of course) – but I felt that we were lacking in greens so I pulled out my bag of frozen spinach, crunched it up and added it to my pasta –


I actually added 2 bags! of 1/2 full frozen spinach. It was delicious – It cooked right down and the girls never new I had added so much spinach –


It was quite tasty!

Bright Blessings!

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