Straining the herbs

It was FINALLY  time to  finish my herbal tinctures! Six plus weeks is a long (and short) time to wait while the alcohol does its job and soaks out all the herbal goodness.  I hope that we are set up for winter now. Although so far it’s been pretty mild and I don’t really want to have to use these!  Being Healthy is my goal!

Yesterday and today I strained the herbs and simply poured the tincture  back in the jars they had spent the last 6 + weeks in.


Cheesecloth, strainer, bowl to strain it into and the herbal tinctures –


I cannot say how rewarding this is – to be able to create an herbal tincture that may help my family get through the yuckies of winter! Now I just need to bottle them in dropper bottles and somehow figure out how to actually GET my family to take them!

Bright Blessings!

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