Etsy Finds

Are you an Etsy browser? I can be! Not all the time but certainly around christmas and birthdays. And with the holidays creeping up – well speeding up really – I’ve been looking a lot lately for handmade gifts!

Here are a few things that caught my eye this past week 🙂


This scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I found it here :

Beeswax candles – you can never have too many candles right? Rowan loves candles in her room when she’s doing schoolwork.


Find them here :

Fabric! Again – you can never have too much fabric! Jaia might like a pair of jammy pants out of this beautiful fabric –


Found here:

This awesome tea neckless – maybe for my biggest tea fan?


And last but certainly not least – I love, love handmade soaps. Yes they are pricy but boy are they nice- I have one called ” chocolate brownie” in my shower right now!


Found in this shoppe along with many others!

Anyone find any good finds on Etsy lately?

Bright Blessings!

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