First Friday

St. Louis, if you’ve never been here, is a fabulous place to live and raise a family – From our award winning zoo ( free by the way), to our art museum (again free) to our science center (free once more!), we have an amazing amount of places to go to keep our kids busy for days on end.


Once a month, the first Friday of each month, the St. Louis Science Centre offers First Fridays. ( all for FREE!) We’ve not attended before because I’d gotten into the rut of NOT GOING OUT IN THE EVENINGS! I blame in on the Waldorf education method we used when the girls were younger touting the 7:00 bedtime. Perfect really for ages 6, 7, 8 etc… but now that the girls are so much older I’ve realized that we NEED to be doing more things.

But I digress- First Friday – Jaia and I went for the first time this past Friday because the theme was Harry Potter! Who can pass up anything Harry Potter?!

It was awesome! Local vendors where I picked up a few stocking stuffers for Rowan and Jaia, watching the movie on the OmniMax theatre – we did opt out of this though since we would have had to wait in line for tickets for over 45 minutes. “We have the movie at HOME mom” I was told. And then miss all of the other activities –

We saw the owls from the movies (not THE owls but they types of owls)


We could  locate 6 horcruxes  (we found 5) – we could make our own wands, we saw snakes, made magic in “Potions class” ( glue + borax water), we watched a Quidditch match –


Apparently this is a real thing at one of our local colleges –

We watched a science demonstration on Transfiguration –


We listened to Tonks and the Aurors –


And we got to watch a rehabilitated owl be released into Forest Park. No pictures of that 😦 It was dark and the owl was quick –

There was even a Trivia contest going on .

The crowds were amazing –



It was a wonderful night. We had a blast and are waiting with patience for March –  which is when the next First night we’d like to attend is – Steampunk night. Then way over into June for Bring Back Firefly night –


The best part? I spent it with my baby –

Happy Monday –

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