So many things

It’s December – that’s when all good homeowners start large projects right? Oh, I’m not deconstructing anything or tearing down walls but when December rolls around I always seem to start things. There was bed assembling –

She previously had her bed on an adorable metal frame, then pallets and now this cool bed from Ikea (honestly where else would it be from?)

There’s been Shelf moving –  Sorry – I am horrible at remembering before pictures!

This black shelf had been in the basement holding art supplies – The school shelf went down and took  its place along with another shelf I “stole” from my husbands office. Actually – stealing the shelf opened space for the 2 new shelves we bought FOR his office.

The school supplies – on the floor – will now go right to the end of the basement steps – these are rarely used books so we certainly don’t need them clogging up my kitchen anymore.

The black shelf will hold my cast iron pots that I’ve  had a difficult time finding homes for. I have a small galley kitchen and I am forever trying to adjust, shift and rearrange to make everything fit. I’m hoping this black shelf, although not altogether “pretty”, will do the trick.

Of course – this week – the week that I’ve tackled the shifting and tidying, is also the week of volunteering with one extra day, dance camp classes, a traveling husband,  and of course school.  I must be bonkers –

And  last but not least – the lists! oh the lists for December!


Christmas lists, cleaning lists,  ornament making lists,  menu lists, Christmas dinner menu list! These are my lifeline these past weeks. Trying to make sure girls get what they are asking for and that dinners are successful and enjoyable. That we are put together!

What are your December days looking like?

Bright Blessings!

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