Cookies, cookies

Yesterday I had “the littles” over for cookie baking. Formerly “the babies”, my niece and nephew are 7 years younger than my youngest  – Jaia.  My niece and nephew, themselves,  are only 6 months apart.

We made 2 types of cookies – chocolate chip cookies – recipe found on the back of the trader joe’s chocolate chip bag –

And rolled sugar cookies – using Alton Brown’s recipe –

I *think* the kids had a great time – I know I did, having 5 year olds in the house again for a few hours was a blast. My niece did not want to go home at the end of the day! My nephew got “bored” after a while – I wouldn’t turn on the computer to let him watch Hot Wheel videos 🙂

I remember loving that age. I also realize how much I love my older girls:)

We made quite a few dozen  –

After cookie baking there was popsicle stick creating, walks and scootering outside, soccer and frisbee in the back yard.

And I dug out ALL the play mobile!

I hope that maybe this will be a fun thing I do with the littles every year –

The next couple of days are cleaning, wrapping, tidying and general stressing out days! We are having christmas at our house again. Which I love and hate at the same time. I love having people over because then we don’t have to leave our house at all on christmas. I stress because we have one family over for breakfast – which we cook entirely and then my family over for dinner which we cook. This year I made dinner more of  a pot luck. We are making the main course, one side and one desert. My mom and sister are bringing one side and one desert each and my brother and SIL I told to bring the bread rolls and wine-

I hope your week leading up to the holiday is stress free!

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