Getting back in the swing of things

We are finally getting back to normal after the holidays. The house is slowly, but surely, being put back to rights. Presents have been absorbed into bedrooms or  taken out to the barn. PJ pants are being worn and books are being read.

We had a fabulous, busy couple of days. Christmas eve has been finger food night for the past few years, and late night present wrapping. I love wrapping presents after the girls go to bed and having all the presents “appear” in the middle of the night.

Color coded wrapping paper. Each of us has a different paper and all of our presents are wrapped only in that paper. Rowan wanted the reindeer and Jaia wanted the stripes.

I fell into bed about 1:30 am.

At 4:03! Jaia was up and awake – thankfully she waited until 6:03 (very specifically pointed out to us) to bounce into our room and wake us up.

Presents are choses based on 4 criteria – 1) something they want 2) something they need 3) something I make  and 4) something to read. Their lists have gotten very specific – even so far as to make for sections for each type of gift 🙂 I do usually throw in one or two somethings they want depending on what is on their list.

This year saddle pads and polo wraps were on Rowan’s list and Jaia wanted a Totoro back pack and Irish dance books-


Every year they get a new pair of PJ pants – made by momma of course. Rowan mistakenly thought that at 17 and no longer growing, that her momma didn’t need to make her another pair. I disagree.

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas, Hanukkah,  or Yule  holiday!


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