Month: January 2016


I’ve sat here – for 15, 20, 30 minutes each day this week, futzing around with trying to get my pictures onto my blog for posting. I. Cannot. Figure. It. Out.  It freezes each and overtime and I have to close out Safari and start over. I’m super frustrated and would love to throw the […]



(Looks like I’m posting with no pictures once again – I have no idea why I cannot put pictures in anymore – when I try the whole thing freezes. Very frustrating) Last night Jaia and I enjoyed dinner together while Rowan was in a meeting – Usually I go and hang out alone but since […]


January book list

I thought I’d share what books are on my bedside table again – with the new year, I am really going to try to read MORE. I love reading, always have, but the past few years I’ve not been reading enough –  I’m always starting books – but then stopping half way through or checking […]