We started back with school this week. We homeschool, and with all homeschoolers, you know we have good days and bad days and good weeks and bad weeks.

Yesterday was a good day. Work was completed with out argument:) and in a timely fashion to boot.

We are starting off the year with some new rules – no school work, no barn (or dance, or private lessons) you get the idea –

This stems from the reality that Rowan is a senior this year and “behind” in some things according to our local high schools guide lines for graduation; and while that doesn’t necessarily bother me (It’s the literature aspect) my husband likes them to be above and beyond where the public schools are.  (I’m much more laid back) but also because she’s a total slacker. Yes that’s probably not nice to say about you kid, (you know I love you rowie!)  but I know my girl and she will put off doing something (like schoolwork) until it’s forgotten about. We’ve gotten into a few issues with Algebra because of this.  I also want her to be finished and “graduated” by May.

Hence the – no school work – no barn rule.

The first day was excellent – We’ll see how the rest of the months go.

Bright Blessings!





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