Growth, Creativeness and Cultivation

Cultivation. Creating. Growth.

These are my words for 2016 – The words I would like to focus on or continue to focus on for my personal growth, personal enlightenment.

My first step in the process was to clear out Facebook. That all too consuming time suck that, yes, sucks me in on a daily basis. I’ve unfriended and unfollowed a few that I just don’t see anymore, don’t have much in common with anymore or who just aren’t putting the effort into a friendship. It was a harder decision than I thought it would be.  Part of me is somewhat sorrowful – the other  – feeling free now that I can stop trying.

Why am I choosing these 3 small, but powerful, words –

Growth – simply to me a better person, to figure out who I am now that my girls are growing up and need less and less of mom.  And how can I support my girls in their growth process as well?

Creativeness – I love to sew. I want to sew more frequently, improve my sewing skills, create a business. I want to learn to create new things. Soap, crochet and knitting projects, paintings, jewelry, herbal remedies – the list goes on and on. How do I create a more loving, open and friendly home?

Cultivation – Who is this person in me that I want to cultivate? The NOT mom? The woman?  What and who are the friendships that I want to cultivate?  What is the JOY in me that I want to cultivate? The yogini?  The marriage?

I am going into 2016 with an open heart and mind – open to growth, creativeness and cultivation !

Bright Blessings!






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