January book list

I thought I’d share what books are on my bedside table again – with the new year, I am really going to try to read MORE. I love reading, always have, but the past few years I’ve not been reading enough –  I’m always starting books – but then stopping half way through or checking them out from the library only to realize once I get home that the book really isn’t that interesting.

I’m starting out the year with some fabulous books –

Emma – by Jane Austen of course – I’m a huge Austen movie fan and it’s been a great long while since I’ve actually read any of her books – and it turned 100 in 2015 –

The Outlander – I’ve ignored reading this book for quite a while – but it was recommended by a few friends – so I’m giving it a go –

Drop the Act, It’s Exhausting – by Beth Thomas Cohen

I found this book wandering through the library last week. In short  – not being afraid to be the real you –

And finally – I found THIS wandering through the library yesterday!

I’ve haven’t looked too much but I cannot wait!

What books are on YOUR bedside table??

Bright Blessings

(I apologize for the lack of pictures – every single time I try to load picture onto my blog here – the whole thing freezes up. Not making me a very happy camper)


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