(Looks like I’m posting with no pictures once again – I have no idea why I cannot put pictures in anymore – when I try the whole thing freezes. Very frustrating)

Last night Jaia and I enjoyed dinner together while Rowan was in a meeting – Usually I go and hang out alone but since hubby is out of town, Jaia decided to come along –

We at a smoke/bbq place and it was OK. Not spectacular – nothing to write home about and it certainly is not  on my “let’s go back list”. We ate here because that’s where Row’s meeting was.

It’s one of those places that serves your food on a half sheet pan covered in paper.

This morning I woke with plans to hit yoga with an errand or two after – but instead find myself at home with another young woman in our house. Jaia is officially a “woman” now and needed some extra time at home.

I’m sad that she’s not “little” anymore but so excited for her life in front of her.

Note to self – work on adding pictures to my blog –

Bright Blessings –




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