Daily Grind

We’ve been in full swing school mode over here lately. Rowan is a senior, which means I’m trying to make sure we’ve covered “everything” she needs before graduating – She dilly-dallied around with her school work the up through December, so now we are going back and getting everything thing finished. Which means LOTS of work. There are gaps that my hubby thinks need to be filled – writing (sadly lacking because I gave up arguing with her) and Civics.

Jaia is following right along, math, science, history etc…but there it’s all reading and worksheets. (Which she ACTUALLY LOVES)


But I feel like we’ve gotten back into that rut of school, school, school  and not a whole lot else – and trying to find that balance is difficult – the getting out of the house being sociable and having fun part.   I don’t like the fact that we’ve gotten INTO that rut but I also don’t like thinking my girls are missing stuff…. OIY –  I probably won’t be thinking this way in a few weeks when homeschool classes start up again though.

On a brighter note – the girls FINALLY got new desks and now I sit at the kitchen table all alone while they do school work….

Rowans desk is from Ikea – basically legs and a top (just what she wanted)  and Jaia’s we found at an antique mall – It’s perfect and just what we’ve been looking for for the past 6 months … They are both happy now and so am I.

Bright Blessings!

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