Returning to Reality

My husband and I were lucky enough to spend 3 1/2 very short days in the sun, fresh air and warmth –

This was his “company trip” – for meeting business goals set out for the year. It was our 3rd trip to Cancun. It’s funny – I wasn’t raised near a beach so I both love the sound and the smell of the waves and ocean – but cancun is not someplace I would personally choose to go – but one does not look the other way at a free vacation  –


The beach – and playing with color tones on my phone. The winds were brisk, the clouds threatening and the waves crashing.


Our hotel – all inclusive and adults only.


Sunday was good and sunny –

The moon was to die for –


We had a wonderful, lazy, relaxing time. Decent food as well. I finished Emma – and began another – Three days is both too short and too long. It takes a while to get out of the go, go, go mode – but let me tell ya – having someone else come behind me and make the bed or clean the sink was divine.


Another picture playing with color.

We arrived back home and immediately had to jump into the swing of things. Schoolwork, laundry, homeschool classes etc….

Hope everyone is staying warm and healthy out there –

Bright Blessings



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