I think I called it way back in October? That we always get sick about February –  Well here we are, February 4th, and everyone is fighting off a head cold. Jaia is on the sofa coughing and sniffling, Rowan in her bed – not as bad but still feeling punky. Me? I can feel it building up behind my eyes. I think we’re staying in today – not pushing it and allowing our bodies to kick these sickies out.

Time to bring out those tinctures I made! I’ve already been dosing myself up with the Elderflower so maybe that will halt my cold process – but now to get the girls to take it. Thieves oil in the diffuser, lots of liquids and maybe a movie or two today.  Maybe Star Wars is on tap for today –

Monday afternoon – before the cold sickies set in – Jaia had a private dance lesson – Just how she got to be such a young lady I don’t know!

And we built lego houses 🙂


I enjoy sitting down with my girls and doing things. It’s a great way to stay connected and I get to hear about all sorts of thoughts, wishes and dreams –

We’ll finish our houses today as well.

Bright Blessings 🙂

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