A New Skirt …from a pillowcase?

We’ve had this cool rainbow body pillow pillowcase floating around the house for probably a few years. I’m actually `not sure why we bought it or where exactly it came from – because we don’t have any body pillows! But there it’s been. Around the house, in the laundry, on beds with 2 or three pillows stuffed into it, in the goodwill bags, out of the goodwill bags.

Finally, with all of us homebound yesterday (and also today as well – one more day of doing nothing is what momma prescribes) I finally pulled it out and cut it apart –


This skirt was super simple and what fun colors!! It took about 30 minutes to make – and by cutting it in half it made the perfect length skirt for my almost 13 year old –

I started by cutting both the top and the bottom of the pillowcase off (it had a zipper at one end), cutting it in half – and then I opened it up on one side by cutting off one side seam (from each half or do this before you cut the pillowcase in half)  –


I opened the pillowcase up and put right sides together and ran a straight stitch down both sides –

I hemmed the bottom and sewed a channel at the “top” for a piece of elastic.

I threaded a one inch piece of elastic through the waist band –


and viola!



There ya go! She’s so fun to sew for 🙂 I may have to search out some more body pillow pillowcases! She loves the skirt and loves how full it is –

I made this yesterday and you can see in Jai’s eyes that she’s just not feeling up to snuff – my poor girlie –

Bright Blessings!

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