Chinese Jump Rope

Oh my goodness – my girlie has jumprope-itis! I loved Chinese jump rope as a kid and was sadly disappointed when we moved to a much smaller town where no one – absolutely no one – jumped rope. Or did those fun hand clapping games OR had a decent Girl Scout group!


Jaia – Practicing outside the only way you can when there’s no one around to hold the rope ends-

So when our homeschool group’s Jr. Committee decided to have Chinese jump roping as an activity this year for a Chinese new year party I was ecstatic 🙂 I was instantly transported back to second grade.

The group organizer had ordered jump ropes for the party,  but I went ahead and made a few extra for us to keep –

Last year I had bought several (4 or 5) of these bundles of bungee cord at Michael’s craft store – I confess to purchasing them with the plan already in mind to make chinese jump ropes- for Jaia and to also, maybe hold a jump roping class  –


I never got around to either and they’ve sat ever since –

Making the jumprope was so simple and easy. Each package holds 16 feet of bungee cord – so cut in half and tied, this makes 2 perfectly sized chinese jump ropes  –

Wrap around 2 chairs or grab a friend or two and jump!

Jump – inside (both feet), outside (one foot to either side), side (left foot in, right out), opposite side (right foot in, left out), on (both feet on the ropes), inside once again and ending outside (feet to either side again).

If you make it through then you are supposed to move the jump rope up the legs of the holders – first the calves, then knees, then thighs – to see how high you can jump before being “out”.


It’s such a fun game.

We found some videos and alternative jump combinations online – the one above is the one I grew up jumping 🙂 I as happy to share with my girl.

IMG_8820 (1)

I do think the jump roping room was the busiest –

Bright Blessings!


    1. Sarah

      I am so sorry, I thought I had another package laying around but I can’t seem to find it. I wasn’t very thin though – just slightly less round than the diameter of a pencil.


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