Busy, Crazy Weekend

Today is my Birthday! It’s a milestone birthday – 40 (yes I’m not embarrassed to admit it) – and so far I’m getting just what I requested – but we’ll talk about that tomorrow –

This weekend was a Feis double header. Meaning 2 feis back to back. The days are long, the patience is short, short. Jaia didn’t have the best results these past two days but the comments from yesterday were very encouraging. Good posture, Lovely carriage.   And she did eeek out a 3rd place in her Hornpipe dance.

These were the obstacles she worked on last year. Carriage/arms/shoulders.  This year it seems to be cross at the knees and kicks. Dancing (and riding) is a constant work in progress. It takes dedication and practice – some of which jaia has none and sometimes she has tons. She’s new this year to the Prizewinner dance stage. The judges judge harder and the competition is tough.

Her solo dress is too small and we decided to keep the integrity of the dress, rather than try to make it fit another year, sell it and look for another.  For now she’s rocking it in this beautifully, simple leotard and skirt.

We ended the weekend with Riverdance, and being the awesome school we are and having the best (former Riverdance dancer) teacher we have – those that went to the last show last night got to go early and see some of the run through and have a short but sweet Q&A session.

It was really fabulous to watch. It seems to have given Jaia the boost she may need to get to practicing again –

We stalked the dancers for autographs on their way out –


Made our way home and had a late dinner of leftover pizza and indian food.  I watched the latest episode of Dowton Abbey and all was good.

Bright Blessings

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