Trying something new

Wednesday afternoon Jaia (and I) had been invited to hit one of our local indoor rock climbing walls with a  smaller group from our Homeschool group.  I’d been avoiding going for some time because – well – it just didn’t fit into our already hectic schedule and I felt we needed to be “learning at home” – A mindset I struggle with daily but that’s another post.

I agreed Wednesday though, because she’d actually ASKED to try climbing a few weeks ago – so I said yes – and off we went! ( I did NOT climb).

I let her go in with a friend and climb for a bit without being intrusive   – Then I snuck in for some pics!


She absolutely loved it! Which honestly was another fear of mine 🙂 She’s already asked to go back AND to have her birthday party there! OIY!  Thankfully the homeschooling group goes somewhat regularly so I can get her climbing for the group rate and not the general public rate!

Then the other teens and the moms went out for lunch – I had this awesome spicy tofu,rice, veggie wrap in rice paper – served with sautéed veggies! –


Delicious! This small restaurant made it onto my “take hubby back” list:)

Hope all is well –

Bright Blessings!

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