Fun for me

Every christmas (and my birthday) my MIL gets us generic gift cards for our presents. I have a love/hate relationship with these gift cards – 1 – they are money and money spends 🙂 but 2 – I feel like this is the laziest present ever. No thought goes into them  – but – maybe that’s why she likes them. No going out of her way and no guessing game.

Usually I hang on to them and spend them here or there on things for the house. This year I had earmarked them for clothes or shoes. Until I realized that my husband NEVER uses his for clothes! He buys things he wants or wouldn’t normally buy. (Okay – books which he buys too often). So I decided to nix the clothing idea (I’ll buy them anyway!) and buy new crafty things I WANT!

So I bought embroidery items.


I’ve been wanting to start embroidering for a while but just didn’t want to spend the money (cheapie) and I didn’t really know where to start.

Well I started on Amazon with the term Zenbroidery- Have you heard it? I saw it online somewhere! But finding actually “zenbroidery” kits was pretty difficult. Instead I bought some thread, needles, a book and some other kits for practice.

I ordered one book but then as I was digging through a suitcase of embroidery hoops I’ve been buying for years from thrift stores (don’t ask), I found the book my sister copied and spiral bound for me YEARS ago. We’re talking before 17 year old daughter years ago –

I get a kick out of it – It was an old library reader’s digest book – but it has great pictures and information.

Then I discovered this site:

Where I could buy the most amazing embroidery designs. I’ve restrained myself so far and I only have $11.00 worth of patterns in my cart but oh! We have such a long plane trip ahead of us (in 4 very short short weeks!) that I MAY  need to buy them sooner rather than later.

You know – just so I can make sure I get those downloadable patterns in time 😉

Any one else into embroidery? Hints? Advice?

Bright Blessings

It’s turning out to be a gorgeous day an Jaia is trying to talk me into going to the zoo instead of doing school work –

We’ll see.



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