Getting to know you (or me:) –

My about page is pretty vague and I seem to be pretty closefisted when it comes to sharing about me – So I thought it was time for a top 10 (or 20) not so interesting facts about me 🙂

  1. My name is Sarah – I’ve always hated my name. There was always another Sarah in my classes. Hence – Jaia and Rowan. I even went so far once as to change my name spelling to Cera like a dinosaur in some children’s movie.
  2. Jaia’s name came from a mantra (Jaia jaia Devi Mata) – and Rowan’s from an Anne Rice novel
  3. I’m also named for my mother and grandmother – which I love – Rose is my middle name – Magdalene is my confirmation name for my Paternal grandmother
  4. I was raised Catholic but consider myself recovering now
  5. I am a total introvert with extrovert tendencies I think. I love to be out and about a lot of times but you’ll always find me at the back observing wherever I am.
  6. I think I look a lot like my grandma who passed away when I was in grade school.
  7. I have curly hair and an inherited large nose (my grandma). I’ve always had huge self confidence issues because of it.
  8. My oldest started riding horses at age 7. But I refused to get on  a horse until MY 3o’s – she was 11. My horse of choice -A Belgian named Big Girl. No chance of me falling off!
  9. My father is deaf but does not use sign language
  10. My husband and I met working at the boarding school for hearing impaired children my father attended as a child.
  11. I am totally embracing my 40’s – having just breached that milestone on the 15th of February – I’m embracing color in my wardrobe and trying to leave my comfort zone behind
  12. I love to read all genres EXCEPT westerns –
  13. I love cycling and yoga- they are my lifesavers! I had dreams when I was younger of being the first woman to ride the Tour de France.
  14. I love to cook but I bake only when I need to.
  15. I’m not a soda drinker unless it’s a Sproda from a local coffee shop- or if it has ice-cream floating in it
  16. I am an Austen Movie Fan
  17. I am  a Star Wars fan – the originals – not the new ones they made in the 2000’s
  18. I co-slept, baby wore and nursed both of my girls.
  19. I’ve lived in Missouri the entirety of my life but would really, really love to move away –
  20. My bucket list will be complete in one month. There’s only one thing on it 🙂
  21. I have tried sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, tincture making, beading, tatting……….
  22. I hate the color Navy because all the uniforms I wore growing up were navy.

There you have it 🙂 I’m not soo exciting 🙂 and maybe 22 facts!


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