Spontaneous Zoo Visit

After a morning of indoor rock climbing with our homeschooling group, and with a few hours left before we needed to head back to pick up Rowan, Jaia and I headed towards to zoo –

She had asked me Monday morning to go but there are times I get so wrapped up in “doing schoolwork” that I forget being out and about are lessons in their own right.

So with this thought in mind – we eschewed an afternoon of math and science to head to see penguins and elephants.

Our Zoo is one of on the best zoo’s around and it’s totally free! There is  free parking available on the street and NO fee to enter – There are things you CAN pay for during your visit – the children’s zoo, the carousel, the sting rays. But the children’s zoo is only $5 a person!

I really have mixed feelings about zoos – I hate the fact that these animals are locked in “cages” for their lives and don’t get the freedom to roam like the wild animals do. But I also realize that in the wild – their lives my not be as long as in captivity. I do like to think that our zoo has the best of each animal at heart and I can see that each time they create a new home environment for these magnificent creatures.


ANYWAY  – Jaia and I went to the zoo –


We visited the penguin house –

We finally met the new polar bear in his new exhibit – His name is Kali –


The story behind this beautiful guy is somewhat sad though – apparently he comes from a region in Alaska where there is so little food for the Polar Bears to forage to survive that some hunting is legal 😦 A hunter inadvertently killed his mother but when he discovered she’d been a nursing mom, the hunter took the baby to some organization in Alaska. The St. Louis Zoo “got” him. He is 3.

We visited the gorillas and met the new orangutang baby –

This fuzzy animal (jaia took the picture) and the mongoose were adorable –

And our last stop of the day were the elephants and their babies!


There are 2 babies here but you can only see one of them in this picture –

Jaia and I had a great time (she took some fabulous pictures didn’t she?) and I am so happy we played hooky for the day! We really needed a break from the daily grind of school work and being stuck in the house all day!

Anyone else playing hooky?

Bright Blessings!

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