Puzzle building

This past Friday, my girls and I spent an afternoon at my sisters crafting the day away. Actually Rowan and I spent most of the time tracing out, and then cutting out the pattern for her camera bag.


Found at Swoon Patterns

(that we somehow need to put together before the trip!

After a quick run to the Fabric store for some pieces to bulk out my sister’s quilt, we made a quick run into the puzzle store  – Yes a whole warehouse of puzzles!


I bought two puzzles I thought would be fun to put together before our trip –


Sunday afternoon while Row was at the Barn and my husband was out for a bit – Jaia and I put together this monster.

The Tower Bridge! (YES! We are going to London!)

It was both fun and a pain – there were no directions (obviously) so some of those tower turrets are actually on the wrong way. The holes for the bridge are on the sides 🙂  oops! By the time I realize that, though – there was no way I was taking the whole thing apart.

We had to punch out all the pieces –

And ever slowly, Jaia and I built the Tower Bridge while watching several episodes of I Love Lucy and Gilmore Girls.

This finished product now sits on my mantle because there is no way I am taking this apart:)


It’s not perfect – there are a few places where I don’t have the correct opening for the connecting piece – but overall it looks amazing.

And this is the last 3 -D puzzle I am ever doing –


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