Yesterday we woke to the first day of spring (our Anniversary) and snow!

There was not a lot of it and it didn’t stick around for long – but it came down for hours – big, huge flakes at times too! The joke here in Missouri is that if you don’t like the weather wait a while – it will change. We’ll see that this week with snow and 50’s yesterday and 70 today.   Winter just had to get one last hurrah in Sunday though!

For the most part I spent the day at home yesterday being a homebody, yoga at home, time with Jaia. Then dinner out with my hubby before sending him off on a short work trip –

Saturday Rowan participated in her first show. She tested Training 1 and 2 and did a fabulous job! A second and Third places in tests she’s literally only ridden twice!

Pharma waiting for her turn.


I am so proud of Rowan and all she strives to do. She looked wonderful out there this past Saturday.

Today we are back into the swing of things with schoolwork (somewhere in there), volunteer work, dance and then back to the airport to pick up hubby.

Dinner, right now, is a mystery and the week is looking daunting  – we are down to our final two weeks before our trip and we are getting excited and anxious – the list of needs to do’s is lengthy and yoga at the studio will be sparse. But we are so excited to be visiting the one and only place on my bucket list that this will all be worth it!

Bright Blessings!

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