Out for a walk

I’ve been feeling a bit “off” this past week, feeling unappreciated, like things aren’t going the way I want/need them to. Feeling alone and not having anyone to talk with.  Feelings that aren’t unusual to me while I’m on my period and feelings to identify and fight each and every month as I struggle to figure out who I am on this personal growth journey.

Tuesday is usually my yoga day and I’ve been going faithfully for months – but yesterday – yoga wasn’t calling to me yesterday. I needed to be outside in the warmth and the sun, enjoying the budding spring flowers and hearing birds chirp.

I went for a walk instead.



Yoga is fantastic for me – it connects my mind and soul each and every time – but there are times when that quite meditation is a time for my brain to go wonky and think and dwell on things that are more imaginary than real.  Not ALL the time certainly – but sometimes.

Yesterday that walk was just what I needed. After walking and talking with my hubby – I felt much more centered. Still not back on track, but better mentally than I had been earlier in the day  –

I think I just needed to connect with Nature, with Mother Earth, with SPRING  – and maybe, maybe ,  I need to explore more this connection I was needing so  much yesterday –


Bright Blessings –

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