One of the things Rowan requested for christmas was a camera bag pattern and the chance to sew and put one together with ME – How could I possibly have turned that down!

I found a pattern and gifted that along with a gift card to Joann’s Fabrics to her as one of her presents this past December. We haven’t tackled it until now, when Row decided she wanted to take her camera, in the camera bag we made together, on our adventure.

A couple of weeks ago we hit Joann’s, spending way more than the gift card:), then headed to my sister’s for “crafter-noon”/dog play time. We spent 3 hours tracing and cutting out the pattern and then the camera bag pieces.

We finally got around to sewing them together!

We started to anyway…….

The pattern is a bit more complicated that I had given it credit for – or the way she’s explaining it is not clear to me – but after a bit of searching online for pictures I think I cam mentally assemble the bag. If I can do that then I can get this bag put together!

The pieces are all cut out, fusible fleece is well…. fused. Batting foam is stitched into place now all Row has to do is decide on a handle and we can be on our merry sewing way!


These red clips were part of my “I’m buying what ever I want with my gift card” shopping spree – and I absolutely LOVE them for projects like this!

We still have a ways to go and I’m prodding and pushing Rowan to decide on a handle idea and a snap/buckle/closure idea. I suggested an old leather belt that I have but we’ll see….

Keep your fingers crossed that we get this assembled in time!

Bright Blessings!

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