Back Home

Well, I, for one, was sad to leave London. I hadn’t seen all that I wanted to see or experience; but with 2 grumpy girls and a hubby that doesn’t like city life (and who ended up sick halfway through), well, we are home.

I had a fabulous time during our first ever family adventure overseas. London was everything and more that I had pictured in my head. The experience, for me, was everlasting. I will go back.

Plague pit sign at a renovation site – and horse head statue

London Eye – two different views.

Big Ben (which is actually only the name of the BELL and some random church wall door that I thought was gorgeous)

The Tower Bridge (which I got to see raise!) and the Tower of London

I took about 700 pictures but will only bore you with a few 🙂

Changing of the guard which we really only got so see a very small portion of, since, I kid you not, there were about 2000 people there watching.


And my favorite – “mind the gap” was said at almost each and every tube station –

All pictures taken with an iPhone! Not bad huh?

We had wonderful Indian food, chinese food, burgers and laughingly American fried chicken. Maybe I’ll post food pics another day.

We arrived back home Friday night and Saturday and Sunday were a mash up of fur baby pick up and pantry/fridge stocking since we’d had NO food in the house.

Back to normal schedule today –

Bright Blessings!


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