Taking Time Out

With a busy travel week behind us, and no yoga or personal time whatsoever during that time, I was really feeling the need to be alone for a while-

So yesterday, while Rowan was walking at the equine therapy barn, and then again for a Horse Related dinner meeting, I stole time just for me.

I went by Panera bread and bought a (mediocre) cafe mocha.

I wandered around a nursery looking for the perfect bushes to go in front (and behind) our house. I decided on native plants so am currently  working on  a list of Missouri native plants and/or bushes to plant!

And I parked in the parking lot with a few books to help with my  personal growth –


I’ve had these for a while but haven’t worked my way through them. I realized a part of this blockage I have is NOT listening to myself, NOT reading the material that may help and NOT recognizing self defeating patterns. I realized part of my personal growth has to be actually READING and working my way through some of  these books.

For dinner I enjoyed a bowl of soup and a salad from Panera once again.


I gave myself leave while in London to eat whatever the hey I wanted – so I did, you CANNOT have fish and chips if you’re gluten free! – But now we are back home and I’m sticking to my gluten free ways (mostly – the croutons were the only bread product I’d eaten yesterday) baby steps to get back into the routine 🙂

I hope your days are wonderful!

Bright Blessings

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