This is one of those weeks where I feel I don’t have enough time to sit and breathe. The constant running keeps me going and the days are so short with all the moving. Schoolwork is NOT being finished (or started) so summer school is again a possibility. (fine for me, apparently NOT for Jaia). House projects are not being completed. Bookshelves do NOT put themselves together unfortunately.

I feel like all my time is spent in the car.  When I sit and look at things objectively, I know that’s not all true and it’s  good practice is for me to sit and remember that. Dinners need more planning since we are in the car at that time  – whether it be for dance or going to the barn.

And the oil change in both cars is MONTHS behind! (I really NEED an errand man)

But I am realizing, that when I actually sit back and look at the bigger picture, it’s not so bad. My hours are packed but I can really be thankful for that. We are happy, healthy and doing things we enjoy doing.

Yoga needs to be a priority for me, school for the girls, and if the car has to go another day or so before an oil change, well, I don’t think it will die.

I did sit and start a new embroidery project yesterday while Jaia was having a dance lesson –IMG_0300

It’s small so I might just actually finish this one!

How are YOUR days? Are they as rushed and packed as mine seem to be?

Bright Blessings

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