Starting Projects

This week I managed to start and finish a few projects around the house. I put together, and loaded up, 5 bookshelves in our basement. This will become our “library”/work out area.


One down – four more to go! Here you can see the cinderblock shelf to the left and behind is Jaia’s doll diner.

Five of these shelves still wasn’t enough so I had to go buy 2 more standard tall shelves- they are currently still in my car and maybe with those additional two – we may actually have enough room for ALL of our books (well most of them anyway.)

While in London jaia bought another doll to add to her collection – Clementine to be exact.

SO! I, of course, had to find and buy some new patterns for this cutie. She’s only 16 inches  tall and ball jointed so none of the AG stuff will fit her.

I haven’t sewn anything yet – but I have traced a few off  –


I know that some of you are wondering why , at 13, my daughter still plays with dolls. Well?  Why NOT? The alternative is  being in front of some electronic for hours on end. Which, in reality she is also. But also, this “doll play” fosters creativity, (maybe future clothing designer? doll designer?)  imagination (future author?) and eduction. She’s learned about the great depression through Molly the AG doll. AND she wants to learn stop motion filming using her dolls. I also think that homeschooling allows children to BE children for a longer period of time. She is very sad that many of her school friends have stopped “playing” and are already seeming much older than they really are. I know it won’t last with her either.  It’s an odd mix of doll work, makeup wearing, teen attitude in our house these days 😉

I am also signed up for some pretty cool things the next two weekends – the very first Women’s Bicycle Summit is this Saturday, I’d LOVE to get more involved with some women’s riding groups.

And next weekend, I’m going to camp! I’ve actually never been to camp before, even as a child, so this will be my very first camp. A women’s only “yoga” retreat camp with a lot going on!

The LAST project I started this week was a mediation cushion (for camp) – Well I’m attempting to anyway.

I’ve had this organic, black cotton in my stash for YEARS just waiting for the right project to come along. What better project than a meditation cushion!


The design I’ve traced onto the fabric and I will embroider it over the next week  –


I’ll keep ya posted. I need to hit a fabric store since NONE of the floss I have at home will work for this project. I’m thinking silver and maybe glitter?

What projects do you all have going on?

Bright Blessings!

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