This past weekend was the Innagural Women’s bike summit here in St. Louis and I snagged myself an early ticket to go. I love riding my bike but just don’t do enough of it. I wanted to make some connections, at the very least scout out the women’s only groups that ride around St. Louis.

I went to a discussion about such groups and found a few that I may try to join!

IMG_0312 (6)

Also went to a discussion about protecting women’s parts AND how to provide basic maintenance for my bicycle – (or how to remove a back tire).

My hubby was a trooper and carted the girls from the barn to recital practice and back again! (just a taste of my many, many days of chauffeuring  – lol!)

Sunday, while my hubby heading out on the road, I took R to the barn and J to recital practice where I sat in the sun and worked on my mediation cushion-

IMG_0323 (6)I bought glittery silver and purple thread for my cushion – we’ll see how it goes. The silver was a PITA to work with.

And finally – Rowan and a couple of girls over for snacks and tea to celebrate her 18th birthday and Jaia and I made ourselves scarce – – dinner a Chipotle!

The end of Rowan’s high school career is JUST around the corner – I can’t believe it! If she’s only get that work done!

But big changes may be looming for my Jaia Devi – we may be sending her to a homeschool “school” for her high school years. (year after next)  It meets only 3 days a week  and seems like a pretty neat place. We’ll go tour the school here shortly . It’s just time. She asks frequently about going to school but doesn’t want the 5 day a week 8 hour day schedule that’s typical. We’ll see if this program is what we are looking for –  And it’s time for me too – I’ve been mom only for 18 years. I think maybe *I* need to emerge.

Oh dear – big, big changes.

How is you week shaping up?

Bright Blessings!

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