This Week

This week is actually shaping up a lot less stressful that I had imagined. Oh – I have tons to get done before Friday, but I’ve decided to not stress –

The mediation cushion is NOT getting done in time for the weekend and you know – that’s OKAY!

I have a list of things to gather for my women’s weekend and craft supplies to scout out for Friday – but all is well.

This week we’ve done math on the floor –


We added “bling” to Jaia’s new to her solo dress. It’s  not my favorite dress by any means but it was cheap! So this is this years dress –


The funny thing is, is that we LOVED this dress when a friend wore it – but it’s not so much Jaia’s style. We’ll see  though – she hasn’t worn it yet. Recital is Sunday and the her first Feis in this dress is next weekend.


It’s been warm enough here in St. Louis this past week that we had to turn on the AC for a few hours,  just to get the internal temperature of the house down from 82! AND I had the coffee shoppe make my London Fog tea iced 🙂


Rowan made dinner Monday night – roast chicken and sauted veggies.

And lastly – I’ve been working on some beading designs –


That large pearl in the front I discovered while at the Mall of America during our layover trip to London. I want it to be center of a choker necklace so I’m trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to pull that off.

What have YOU been up to this week?

Bright Blessings!

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