I have a list as long as my arm for this weekend –  of things to bring for camp. I’m afraid though, that I don’t have a picture of myself (I hate personal photos),  and there may be one or two more items I do without. BUT – this weekend is not about stressing about what I do or do not have – but rather relaxing, connecting etc…

I have a large bag on the bed, full of all the clothes I *may* need for a weekend in the woods. Yoga wear, sweatshirts, swimsuit, socks, and  I’m debating whether or not to shove a pair of jeans in there as well… I’ve realized that I’m an over-packer – but HEY! I’d rather have all the possibilities covered than not have enough! That bag doesn’t include the blue ikea bag of other necessities I need! Sheets, towels, blankets etc… I’m also debating whether or not to bring my drum.

It’s a lot of work packing for 2 days in the wilderness.

We are also to bring a notebook, flowers, a totem of some sort???, and an item for the sharing basket    –


I made this 🙂  (because I needed to squeeze in a sewing project!)


I call it “the Goddess pouch”. The trees remind me of a goddess reaching up to the heavens and down to mother earth 🙂

I am also whipping up a small spray bottle of young living “surrender” EO.

One for me and one for the welcome basket.

I have to admit that I am super excited and just as nervous! I’ve never, EVER, been to camp and I have a feeling this weekend is going to push my comfortable boundaries more than ever.

I’m off to finish packing! I also need to get my hubby ready for travel and Jaia’s recital is Sunday, which I’m leaving camp early for just to get there when it starts, so I need to make sure all her things are ready to go as well . Whew!

I’ll be back on Monday full of stories!

What are your weekend plans?

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