Month: May 2016

Check it out!

Lookie what the girls and I have created this week! This is the name of Rowan’s horse – she did this with her wood burning kit (that she’s never used before!) – Looks pretty good, doesn’t it? Jaia and I played around with our paint course – I had a hard time “letting go”, so […]



Friday the 13th was my last “recycled” art class for the school year. It was a great class – this was the “free for all” day. Rather than bring project specific stuff, I brought ALL the supplies and let them create what they wanted. I think I’m done offering that class. I love it but […]


The “Play”

Yesterday was Jaia’s last day of homeschool classes – she turned in her “book” she’s been working on for writing class, and her drama class performed the play they’d been practicing ¬†for weeks. My husband flew in early just to watch the play – Jaia was Apollo – And was super cute – I must […]