I was only gone 3 days , 2 nights – but those 3 days made such an impact on me. I released so many things. I identified things that hurt, that held me back, were hurting me. I made new friends.

We had fire ceremonies, ate together, bunked together, cried, cried again and  DRUMMED! I drummed. I absolutely love drumming. I reaches down into my soul and I feel it.

I came home feeling a much, much stronger woman on the right path to discovery.

Check in, our yurt, my bunk. I chose the single bed:)

Saturday schedule. Chakra yoga, writers workshop, communication connection, drumming, dinner, fire ceremony.

A walk to find the lake. I so wanted to Kayak, but there was NO-ONE there to help so I chose not to. I did NOT want to end up in the middle of that lake, floating for hours.

This was an amazing, releasing weekend for me. Now I just need to remember to carry that with me the rest of the days.

There’s another retreat in September – guess who’s going!

Bright Blessings!

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