Feis Weekend

This past weekend was a crazy, busy one – AGAIN. We ended up signing up for a Feis (Irish Dance competition) way up in Wisconsin – a 6 hour drive for us! We went though, because some new dance friends asked us to carpool, and well, carpooling makes any 6 hour drive easier.

We took her Mini Cooper –


And we totally made it ALL fit!

Stopping for crepes along the way –


I have to say though, I am so glad we hiked it up north! Milwaukee is a beautiful city, and Jaia did a fabulous job on Saturday dancing. She pulled off this!


First place in her Hornpipe dance (hard shoe)!!!!!!!!!! Oh I was/am so proud of her for this accomplishment. She’s a funny dancer. Kinda gets up there and does her thing and doesn’t place – but when she puts effort into it she gets that! She also got a second in her reel and a 5th place in her slip jig. Sunday, however, was not so good. She woke coughing, sneezing, snot running down her throat. She did pull of a 5th in the reel but nothing else. Oh well.

I made sure I was prepared this weekend though. I was trying to save $ and I’m not sure if I pulled it off or not 🙂 I made sure we had breakfast – oatmeal for jaia – and I carted up a makeshift pour-over for me. Milk, coffee, chocolate syrup and mug!

It was super easy to heat the water up in the coffee maker.

Our long “haunted” hotel hall way –


It just screams “the Shining” ! LOL!

Saturday afternoon after the feis we explored a bit. We met up with some other dance friends and had a great dinner, frozen yoghurt, met “the Fonz” –


and then visited Lake Michigan – super cool!

I took a selfie- I don’t often post pictures of myself – well because I have issues 🙂 BUT –


We had a wonderful weekend with great friends and other than Jaia getting sick, the trip was totally worth it.

Back to normalcy for a while. Today is the girls’ LAST Homelink Tuesday of the year and Rowan’s very last ever photography class there. She’s officially “graduated” when she finishes her science and history. It’s a weird, bittersweet feeling.

I hope your weekends were fabulous and each of you had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day!

Bright Blessings

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