Last Day

This morning  I  woke to thunder and rain and actually a bit of lightening! . I love sleeping and waking to the sound of rain on the roof (I really wish we had a tin roof!)  It’s very soothing and  for me symbolizes the washing away of sorrows, pain, old habits etc… It’s a chance to start anew each day –


Today is also the “last day” of jaia’s homeschool classes for the summer. Rowan’s last ever class was Tuesday!  Jaia was awake and moving by 7 this morning (I slept in knowing I’d not go to yoga since it IS the last day) making and baking treats to take to her classes.

I bought a boxed (gasp!) mix of cupcake batter last night because I wanted the baking to go off without hitch.  Did you know that Pillsbury has a “purely simple” cupcake/cake mix?  6 ingredients!


She made them all by herself, along with a pan of chocolate chip rice krispy treats.

I can see that this baking joy of hers is NOT going to go over well for me. When she bakes then I must eat – you see?

Today is also her drama “production”.  Her daddy flew home early just to come and watch – but jaia doesn’t know yet! It will be so exciting 🙂

I feel like I’m moving into a new phase here in our household. Rowan has a few more things to finish up and then she’s “done” homeschooling! Community college is next for her. And jaia- well I’m just not sure what next year holds in store for her. Homeschool? Homeschool/school?

All ideas to be thought through and processed of course.

Bright Blessings

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