The “Play”

Yesterday was Jaia’s last day of homeschool classes – she turned in her “book” she’s been working on for writing class, and her drama class performed the play they’d been practicing  for weeks.

My husband flew in early just to watch the play –


Jaia was Apollo –


And was super cute – I must say 🙂 Here she was using a cell phone to make a call to anther god to bring war against Troy! Too Funny!

The teacher created the set – (although if Jaia participates next year, I may totally offer to help create and sew that set  -)

On the other side of the Trojan Horse was a ship. It was adorable and definitely hilarious!

Even though “official” classes are over – summer break doesn’t officially start for us since we tend to work through the summer. June first will start our “summer school schedule” –

This will be our first weekend in 3 weeks that we have nothing going on! I can’t wait!

Bright Blessings!



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