Friday the 13th was my last “recycled” art class for the school year.

It was a great class – this was the “free for all” day. Rather than bring project specific stuff, I brought ALL the supplies and let them create what they wanted.

I think I’m done offering that class. I love it but it’s expensive hitting teacher recycle centers and what not for “goodies” we can repurpose!  AND I’m burnt out.

Because it was a sunny day outside Friday (one of the only this week), and because I definitely feel like I’m loosing connection to the few I felt were friends in that group  – I sat outside and read “The Outlander” and enjoyed the musical strands of this guy waiting also –


The afternoon sun was wonderful!

This Summer – I am very happy to be trying out an online painting class this summer!


I’ve never been a painter, but  I’ve also never, never had the opportunity – I didn’t take many art classes in high school and my mother would NEVER buy art supplies!

But I did! So Jaia and I are going to work through the lessons!

We purchased some of the supplies but I need a few more things before we begin! I’m super excited!

Does anyone else have fun summer plans?!

Bright Blessings!

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